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Broward for Progress champions progressive values and is a nonpartisan, grassroots group committed to increasing voter registration and participation. Whether it's supporting a candidate, fighting to pass legislation, or working to change our culture, Broward for Progress members are committed to an inclusive and progressive future. We envision a world marked by equality, sustainability, justice, and love. And we mobilize together to achieve it.

Citizens for an Engaged Electorate is a small group of progressive individuals dedicated to informing the public about the importance of participating in the democratic process; offering a summary of significant issues; and providing tools to individuals for engagement in effecting change.

Founded in 2011 as a grassroots organization, CEE signed on to Indivisible following the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

CEE believes that:

  • All people should have access to factual information to inform the shaping of their opinions on proposed legislation;
  • All people should have access to information about the legislative process and all elected officials;
  • All people should have access to proposed legislation and time to contact legislators before votes are taken;
  • All people should be involved in the democratic process; no one should be barred from exercising their constitutional right to vote; and,
  • All people in this country and its territories, regardless of citizenship or visa status, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and given equal access to our justice system.

Further, we believe that the vulgar amounts of money involved in our electoral process prevent the people from having control over our political representation; and that the extension of constitutional rights to corporations and other fictitious entities, when they already enjoy much greater legal privilege than do individuals, has also skewed our political process to the point where the vast majority of legislation passed is neither supported by nor benefitting the people.

We also believe that the two major political parties have undermined our political process through passage of legislation at the state level that grants the parties power over our electoral process, in particular by allowing state legislatures to draw district maps; by closing primary elections to anyone not registered in one of the two major parties; and by not requiring a primary candidate to win a majority of the votes cast for advancement to the general election, or to be declared winner in a closed primary election if no opposition is forthcoming in a general election.

Additionally, we believe that hyperbolic discussion around issues intended to elicit a hypersensitive response from the people is wrong, no matter who is presenting the information; that issues and proposed legislation should be presented to all people on the basis of facts and how all people will be affected if the legislation passes. We believe that political discussion must remain on an adult level and be respectful, seeking out areas where interests converge, or agreeing to disagree rather than demanding unconditional alignment.

Some of the issues CEE is working or has worked on include:

  1. Stopping M-CORES in Levy County;
  2. Local-level advocacy of immigrant and guest worker justice;
  3. Restoration of the US Postal Service;
  4. "We The People" amendment to the US Constitution, stating that corporations are not people and money is not speech;
  5. Voting rights restoration (Amentdment 4, 2018;)
  6. Medicare For All;
  7. Land and Water Conservation (Amendment 1, 2014.)


  1. CEE is a voter registration organization in the state of Florida;
  2. CEE hosts a nonpartisan candidates forum every election cycle; and,
  3. CEE members (under their own names) have a weekly column in the Williston Pioneer Sun newspaper called "Let It Be Told," in which they address national or golbal issues that have local impact.

Englewood Indivisible has weekly tables at the Farmers Market and, during election season at libraries and other venues around town. Members also do weekly honk-and-waves and social gatherings.

History: Started in January 2017. Mission of Indivisible Action SWFL: Committed to protecting democracy by promoting an agenda that embraces the values of fairness, tolerance and inclusion.

Mission: We Are Stronger When We Stand InDivisible! Indivisible Clay County is a grassroots organization formed by passionate citizens of Clay concerned about the election results of 2016. Our intent is to influence and hold our members of Congress accountable. Our organization supports the progressive ideals of a clean and healthy environment, gender and racial equity, voter access, gun safety, and equal access to quality education, healthcare and economic opportunities. Purpose: To organize thoughts and actions centered around resistance to poor decisions and policies out of GOP-driven Washington D.C.and promoting our progressive ideals. We are local to the Clay County area *only*, though the intent is for each of us to engage our individual networks of friends and family to ACT with us from time to time as they agree. WE commit to act as often as we are able.

Safety/Security: This group is 'Secret', meaning No One outside this group can see it at all, no one can share anything directly from this group (to protect identities), and no trolls will ever be here to disrupt our open and respectful communication. All members may invite others as "of like mind and action", but all will be vetted as one of 'us' before inclusion, to protect all of us.

Methods: Strength in numbers is our action principal - any one of us do not have to always do all of these things, but all of us have to do some of them, often enough to make a difference. There are now *many* groups like ours, doing these things regularly --> Strength in numbers only works if we act.

Actions: The actions we plan on taking each alone or as a group include:

  • Phone calls to our legislators several times a week
  • Resistbot or Emails to same
  • Meet with our Members of Congress
  • Write letters to the Editor
  • Develop state legislative Agenda (2019)consistent with our progressive values
  • Meet with state legislators locally and in Tallahassee
  • Signing various petitions as they arise
  • Support ballot initiatives that support our values (Medicaid expansion, minimum wage increase, etc)
  • Attendance at Town Hall meetings or other important local events
  • Donations focused on specific causes

In other words, generally being a part of the national resistance on our local level.

  • Volunteer with our GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Team in Clay County (Nov 2018 Midterms, 2020 presidential election)
  • Postcard Writing Events to support specific campaigns or issues
  • Research candidates or issues
  • Attend protests and rallies in support of our values and priorities locally and in support of our sister Indivisible groups in the NE Invisible Coalition

We advocate in Florida's 13th Congressional District for a fair, just and inclusive representative democracy.

We partner with Fired Up Pinellas, League of Womens Voters St Pete Area, Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice, Common Ground , Sierra Club, ACLU Pinellas Chapter, Pinellas Democratic Party for actions and events. Our closest geographic Indivisible partner is Safety Harbor Indivisible.

Indivisible Jax Riverside was founded by Amy Quincy following the inauguration of our current president and the Women’s March. Amy is confined to a wheel chair with vision and speech impairments but she was determined to have an activist group on our side of Jacksonville. Once she had it going she turned it over to new leadership and participates in projects and events.

IJR’s primary goal was to resist the Trump agenda. We joined other Indivisibles in NE Florida for weekly rallies for the first 100 days of this administration at Rubio’s local office and were so successful in our joint effort that Senator Rubio was forced to move his office. For over a year our members made daily telephone calls to our members of congress regarding issues and policies that concerned us particularly the ACA . As you may recall Indivisible’s nationwide and coordinated effort with other progressive groups was instrumental in preventing the demise of the ACA. Our calls and rallies were a part of that effort.

Over time IJR’s participation in rallies turned into monthly visits with the staff of our MoCs and our telephone calls and Resistbots have given way to Get Out the Vote efforts. IJR’s biggest project is postcards to voters. Unlike other postcard writing programs, ours is on steroids. Between the 2018 and 2019 a small group of about 35 people produced and distributed over 35,000 “handmade” postcards through State District 15 and City Council District 14 targeting 18-25 year old voters. The vast majority of these postcards were delivered on foot.

More important than the numbers was the impact of our work. In 2018, forty seven percent of 18-25 year olds voted throughout the county. In the three precincts that we targeted, 1404, 1413, and 1415, sixty two percent, seventy four percent, and seventy one percent, respectively, voted. In 2014, the turnout for that same age group and geographic area was twenty nine percent! Many factors influenced turnout but by comparing neighboring precincts and districts that did not participate in our effort, we can pretty safely conclude that IJR’s postcard effort certainly contributed significantly to that turnout.

In 2019, the young voters’ group we targeted doubled their turnout over 2015 numbers in District 14; whereas, nearly all other age groups saw a reduction in turn out. We also noticed that our rate of voting outpaced Republican youth in that election. We are confident that our project has an impact on turnout and therefore are already gearing up for the coming elections with voter education and turnout efforts through postcards.

We are continuing to lobby; to rally; to canvass, text, and call voters. But we joyfully postcard young people in order to encourage them to make a habit of voting.

As many other folks we are confounded by the actions and words of our conservative brothers and sisters. This confusion has motivated us to educate ourselves on cognition and voting, participating in and creating workshops on cognitive science and voting, and messaging on issues.

Finally we have joined with other progressive organization to form a progressive coalition in order to get out the vote.

We are a nonpartisan organization focused on protecting human and civil rights, the environment, holding our elected officials accountable, educating the public about relevant issues and thereby resisting the Trump agenda. We strive to be inclusive and promote civility in all our political activities.

Indivisible Venice was started in January 2017 in response to the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump.

Indivisible Venice is a non-partisan political action group made up of concerned local citizens. Our goal is to influence legislative agendas using activism to defend our values. We take action to support health care for all as a right not a privilege, protect social security benefits, preserve our environment, end voter suppression, and promote gun safety regulations. We invite you to join us in electing ethical public servants at all levels to protect and defend our constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. WE ARE DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!

Lee OFA Indivisible was founded after the election of Donald J. Trump. Lee Indivisible is an issue and action oriented group dedicated to educating and informing our membership with regard to timely matters in order to preserve and protect our Democracy.

Palm Beach Indivisibles was founded in 2017 and has over 2,000 followers on our Facebook Group page. We send a weekly email to our members with calls to action about current legislative issues, voting information and other resources and have monthly meetings with a variety of speakers to provide education on topics of interest to our members, which are always well-attended. PBIN’s goals are stated on our website,, and shown below. More information about our signature get our the vote initiative, Neighbor Network for Good Government (N2G2), can be found here:

The Mission:

We are a non-partisan group of activists whose primary goal is to protect what makes America great. As Palm Beach Indivisibles, we use our strategic Winter White House advantage to defend, resist and persist at all levels of the local, state and national government.

Our Guiding Principles:

Defend, Resist, Persist – We take a steadfast, defensive posture to minimize damage and protect what we have, resist what we do not want and apply pressure to influence opposing public officials to conform to our agenda and achieve our outcomes.

Enduring Presence – We are resolute in our commitment to force the societal and political change needed now and far into the future. We must remain alert and fight the complacency that leads to any situation that threatens the freedoms protection that makes America great.

Innovate the Vision – Understand and anticipate the Movement’s barriers and create the organizational engine to implement actions, drive our agenda forward and capture victory.

Grow, Lead, Persist – We grow through mergers and associations with other like-minded groups, establish critical mass and make our voices heard. We assertively yet respectfully drive calls, mailings, office visits and town halls to ensure our agenda.

Be Your Own Voice – While all of us are committed to the defensive mission of Palm Beach Indivisibles, our members have diverse political interests. We will Informally participate in other actions but balance the PBIN non-partisan stand.

Our Mission Statement: To create a networked community of empowered, action-oriented individuals who work to protect the well-being of all citizens and who support the election of candidates that defend human rights and our democracy.


  • Presenting monthly speakers on various topics of civic education.
  • Keeping the progressive conversation going in a supportive environment.
  • Providing Resources to facilitate activism and to Get Out The Vote.

Our current top three priorities, in order of importance, are:

  1. Getting Trump out of office, keeping the House, and taking control of the Senate in 2020
  2. Climate Change
  3. Runaway income and wealth inequality in America.

We work with and/or support a number of other groups throughout the county, including other Indivisible chapters, the Pinellas Coalition on Immigration Justice, the Democratic Socialists of America, Coalition of Immokalee Workers. We are also supporting efforts to overturn Citizens United.

The group formed shortly after Trump’s victory, when leader Mary Wilson happened upon Indivisible, and joined with two neighbors to start Collier Congressional Watchdogs. Rather than concentrating on expanding our group, we have joined coalitions of other progressive groups in Collier and Lee Counties for joint actions, like demanding and attending town halls and rallies and like showing up for local government meetings to influence local decision makers. We communicate via e-mail and do not have in-person group meetings. We are not on social media.

Prior to the Covid-19 shutdown our group did:

  1. Post card mailing events twice a month using addresses from Tony the Democrat/Abby the Address bot. Subjects were local Vote By Mail mailings. We also wrote to other states in support of progressive candidates. We met once during the afternoon and once on a weekend morning to accommodate working and non-working schedules.
  2. We held local rallies with flag waving and signs in support or opposition of current issues such as Impeach, No One is Above the Law, Gun Control, Kavanaugh nomination, etc. and attended rallies in Tally, JAX, St. Augustine and Orlando.
  3. Several groups traveled to Homestead FL to witness for the asylum-seeking children who were being held in detention, and hosted a film in JAX that was made to bring attention to the issue. Showings were held across the country.
  4. Visited and sign waved at local and federal legislators' offices, met with staff on issues. Called for and attended town halls.
  5. Worked with local NAACP to register voters.

Those are just a sampling of our activities since 2017.

Action Together Suncoast stands FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, FOR DEMOCRACY, FOR JUSTICE FOR ALL....and who live on the Suncoast of Florida. The region includes: Bradenton, Sarasota, Ellenton, Palmetto, Parrish, Venice, Port Charlotte, North Port, Florida. We are a Social Welfare IRS 501 c 4 organization.

We have 1556 members and sometimes more. We communicate mostly through our Facebook “SECRET” group. We support Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, LGBTQ, Women’s Right to Choice, and Environmental Causes to name a few. We are a member of the national Indivisible Group

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